Blog the first post

Apparently this is my first post on my new blog, and my word don’t they (wordpress) want you to post one.  Wonder if it will actually turn into something rather than a surprisingly large ferret with big comfortable socks on, I wonder.

Anyway, this will be a blog about the curiosities that may be found in Ancient Egypt.  Yes, THOSE ones!  ie the ones that Egyptologists do not like to talk about so much.  So expect some mind boggling things and maybe the odd llama thrown in for maybe some light relief.

Did Ancient Egypt ™ spring up from an earlier super-civilisation?  Did they perhaps have the odd piece of high technology banging around to build the pyramids and whatnot?  Was the Great Pyramid really a water pump, a power station or maybe a high tech planet buster? Maybe some of these questions may or may not be answered on the way.  It will be a long journey though, and things will change in the travelling.  Paradigms will be blasted out of the sky, disappointments will be endured, and a vast amount of sand will be trudged through (getting between one’s toes in a fairly uncomfortable manner) before the trip is over.

So gird your loins, harness that backpack to your camel (or resident llama) and sallie forth on a journey of discovery into Curious Egypt! (weird Middle Eastern pipey thing fading out probably over strange, foreign singing and accompanying percussion instrumentation …)

The Curious Egyptologist …


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